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Why Did I Receive a Stock Update Credit?

This article answers questions around receiving Stock Update credits, where you can access these funds, and what this could mean for your current stock investments.

How do I know if I received a stock update credit?

You will have received a notification within Cash App’s activity page letting you know that you received a credit. This notification will say: “Credit received”.

These transactions can be found on your activity page. To navigate to the activity page, tap the clock icon in the bottom right corner of the app. When tapped on, these transactions will be titled as “Stock trade update”.

While this may not happen very often, we will notify you if it does.

Why did I get a stock update credit?

For an order that you made, the price that the stock was executed at was better than the price shown when you placed the order. Because of this we credited you the difference.

When trading stocks, trades may not happen as soon as they are placed. This means that the price could change in between the time placed and the execution time (or in other words, once the trade officially happens in the market). You received a stock update credit because we were able to execute your trade for a better price than what was shown when you placed the order.

Where did these funds go?

The funds were deposited to your Cash App Balance. You can view the date the credit was received on your activity page.

What does this mean for my original stock trade?

The amount of stock traded will remain the same. You can trade the stock(s) as normal.

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