Switching to a Cash for Business account is simple and free to create. Once you have a personal Cash App account, you can switch to a Cash for Business account in-app.

Switch to business

To switch to a Cash for Business account, open Cash App and complete these steps:

  1. Open the profile icon in the top-right of your homescreen
  2. Go to Personal or Edit Profile, then open Switch to a business account at the bottom of the page
  3. Fill out your business information to verify your business

There will be a green building icon next to your profile information once complete: Business Icon

Only use Cash for Business accounts to process business transactions. Business payments are those completed for the sale of goods or services. The IRS requires Cash App to report all Cash App for Business payments.

If you want to process both personal payments and business payments, you need to create a separate personal account using a different email address. Keeping your business and personal payments separate helps streamline money management and tax prep, and ensures you don't end up paying fees for receiving personal payments. Check out this article for steps on creating a new personal Cash App account.

Business verification

Please note, we will request your personal and business information, including your SSN, when you switch to a business account. Once you create your account, you can update your taxpayer information to include your EIN at cash.app/tax-information if necessary.

Reach out to our Customer Support team here if you have problems with upgrading your account or creating a personal account.

Cash App and Cash for Business does not permit harmful or illegal activity. Please consult our Terms of Service, Cash for Business Payment Terms, and Acceptable Use Policy for further guidance.