Boosts are a rewards program that saves you 10% at your favorite chains or $1 at coffee shops every time you swipe your Cash Card.

Get Started With Cash Boost

It’s easy to activate Boosts and start saving today.

My Boost Is Missing

If a Boost is missing from a purchase you can submit it for review directly from the Cash App.

Cash Boost Details

You can view each Boost’s program details directly from the Cash App. Just tap the Boost tile and then tap program details.

How Many Boosts Can I Use at a Time?

You can have one Boost selected at a time, but you are free to swap your active Boost whenever you want

How Often Can I Swap My Boost?

You can swap your Boost whenever you like

Do Boosts Expire?

Once a Boost is added to your Cash Card it doesn’t expire. An active Boost will be valid until you remove it from your card.

Cash Boost Limits

There are a few simple Cash Boost limits to be aware of