To transfer your stock from Cash App Investing to an external brokerage account, you are required to use the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service, or ACATS. To get started, follow the specific instructions provided to you by the receiving broker. They will be able to initiate an account transfer with our carrying broker, DriveWealth, LLC.

Please note: A $75 fee is charged for all completed outbound stock transfers. This charge comes in the form of a debit to the receiving broker. The receiving broker will determine how to process the debit.

A few things to note about this process:

  • Cash App Investing can only transfer whole shares. Any fractional shares you own will remain in your brokerage account. You may sell your fractional shares through Cash App at any time once the transfer is complete.
  • Once a transfer begins processing, you will not be able to sell any stock that is being transferred.
  • You will no longer be able to purchase stock in your brokerage account once the transfer has been completed.
  • Cash Apps Depository Trust Company (DTC) participant number is 2402.
  • Your Cash App Investing account number can be located on any [trade confirmation or monthly statement.}(
  • When completing a request to transfer your shares, your Cash App Investing account number should include its full 17 digit ID with no spaces or dashes (Ex:CASH001CASH123456)

Your stock transfer may fail for the following reasons:

  • Your Cash App Investing account has any open or unsettled stock orders. This includes pending Custom Orders and completed orders which have not had 2 business days to settle.
  • Any information on the form is incorrect or incomplete.
  • The information listed on the Cash App account doesn’t match the information listed on the receiving account.
  • The transfer was initiated on another person’s behalf.

It may take 3–6 business days for your assets to arrive in your external brokerage account. Once the ACATS request has been initiated, please refer to your receiving brokerage for updates on this process.

Cash App Investing is a self-directed service; you are solely responsible for orders placed through your account. Cash App Investing does not provide investment advice or recommendations. Investing involves risk and you may lose money. Review the Disclosure Library for more on the risks involved with investing. Brokerage services provided by Cash App Investing LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Cash App Investing LLC is a subsidiary of Block Inc.

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