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Cash App Card: a collaboration you can hold in your hand

At Cash App, teams of all disciplines collaborate to bring impactful products and features into reality. Cash App Card is a perfect example.

Cash App Card is a Visa branded payment card that’s linked to a customer’s Cash App account, allowing them to spend their Cash App balance out in the physical world—whether they’ve got money from peer-to-peer payments, direct deposits, or transfers from other financial institutions.

Bringing to life a product that is both physical and digital—and one that utilizes partnerships with businesses, financial institutions, and artists—requires contributions from teams all over the organization.

The cards themselves—including custom designs and embedded chips—are sourced by the Operations team. They maintain efficiency in the supply chain.

Thanks to the work of Designers and the Engineers on the Cards Product Team, customers can personalize their card in the app itself. They can choose a color, apply pre-designed stamps, or even draw a design freehand.

That’s not the full extent of Cash App Card’s personalization, though. Partnerships secured by Operations and enabled by the Financial Platform team allow us to offer instant discounts called Boosts at merchants our customers frequent.

Partnerships are a major part of Cash App Card’s unique value, and they’re not limited to merchants and financial institutions. In July of 2020, we collaborated with Hood By Air, the contemporary streetwear brand, to launch the HBA Card, our first collaboratively branded Cash App Card released alongside the latest line of Hood By Air merchandise. All proceeds from this exclusive partnership, led by the Marketing and Brand team, were donated to support BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, police reform, and community arts charities. Black Trans Femmes in the Arts, the Emergency Release Fund, and Gays and Lesbians Living In A Transgender Society (GLITS) each received donations of over $80,000.

In 2020, there were more than seven million Cash App Cards active. The success of Cash App Card is a result of the collaborative culture we’ve always cultivated at Cash App.