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Distributed Work at Cash App

Distributed Work the Cash App Way

An open-minded approach to how and where we work is part of Cash App’s DNA. Since day one, our teams have been collaborating across time zones and locations around the world. Now more than ever, we believe in meeting our people where they are — whether that be at home, in one of our offices, or on the go. It’s all about encouraging people to work where they thrive and implementing practices that enable that to happen, which is why our workplace practices are always evolving to adapt to their needs and the world’s changing realities.

Read on to see the key elements of our distributed work philosophy.

Staying Informed

Our teams are, literally and increasingly, all over the world. That means we have to actively cultivate inclusive and productive collaboration at Cash App. We do this by holding monthly virtual team-wide All Hands meetings, monthly Q&A sessions, and quarterly company-wide All Hands meetings.  

Managing Meetings

To avoid meeting overload, we employ a number of efficiency practices, such as using asynchronous work channels (think Slack and Google Drive) and scheduling meetings on the :05 or :35 marks of the hour to allow for quick breaks, and focused conversations. 

On a weekly basis, we make space for deep work by encouraging “No Meeting Fridays” in North America and Europe, and “No Meeting Mondays” in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) for most roles. And on a quarterly basis, we hold a “Deep Work Week,” where we step out of business as usual and clear our calendars of as many meetings as possible.

Redefining Workspaces

Clearly, we believe that remote work and collaborating in person each have their own distinct benefits, which is why we offer both work-from-home resources and thoughtfully designed offices. Featuring four primary work zones — lounges, creative workshops, team zones, and quiet zones — our offices are built to cultivate collaboration and boost creativity.

Practices and Tools to Keep Connected

We know building and strengthening our working relationships improves collaboration, but maintaining connections requires effort. To stay connected, we  host regular virtual events, in-person team events and summits to foster meaningful connections — and we invest in hardware and software designed to make distributed collaboration easy and impactful. More specifically, we use employee-focused platforms to share continuous feedback, WFH Starter Kits to properly set up new hires for success, and several collaboration tools to track our projects. 

While many of our roles can be done remotely, some will be based in an office. But at Cash App, it’s not always about where you are. It’s about how we can help you do what you do best — with balance. Ready to join our distributed work community and build the future of your career? Explore open roles here.