Inclusion & Diversity @ Cash App

Inclusion & Diversity at Cash App

At Cash App, we’re building an inclusive workplace where our employees can thrive and grow—hopefully somewhere they want to spend their entire careers. To us, Inclusion & Diversity as an initiative is more than just hiring people from different backgrounds; it’s about making sure everyone has the tools they need to grow and succeed.

We work to maintain a culture that inspires our people to be bold, take risks, and try new things—to collaborate, innovate, and live up to our mission and operating principles.

The Inclusion & Diversity Blog highlights our continued commitment to transparency by sharing information on diversity initiatives, Cash App’s approach to I&D, and the progress we’re making.

Within Cash App

At Cash App we have 14 employee-led, employee-founded Global Communities. These are self-organized resource groups under the leadership of the Inclusion & Diversity team, and they’re an essential part of advancing a sense of belonging and inclusion for employees of all backgrounds.

  • API-Blocks

  • AfroBlock

  • Christians

  • Indigenous@

  • Jews@

  • El Bloque

  • Muslim Blocks Association

  • Neurodiversity

  • Parents

  • South Asian Blocks

  • Pride

  • Veterans@

  • Women@

  • WomEng