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Getting Ready for a Smooth Virtual Interview

Interview Prep

We know technical troubles can mess with your focus during an interview, and we don’t want that for you! Here are a few tips for interview prep from Cash App’s Recruiting Coordinators to help ensure everything goes smoothly:

Before Your Interview

  • Set up a comfortable and quiet space if you can. We know that interviewing from your home means possible cameos from pets, roommates, or kids, so don’t be stressed if it happens!

  • Filter out the noise. If you’re interviewing on Google Meet, this noise cancellation feature comes in handy. We recommend turning it on before your interview to help you filter out barking, beeping, etc.

  • Use Chrome. Your interview will most likely be conducted using Google Meet, and it works most smoothly in Google’s browser, Chrome.

  • Enable screen sharing in Chrome, especially for technical interviews.

  • Test your equipment in advance. Give yourself plenty of time to try out your internet connection, laptop, camera, and headphones. Feel free to “join” your meeting any time prior to your interview (the Google Meet interview link is in your calendar invite), even just a few minutes early, to work out any kinks.

  • Try Do Not Disturb mode. Turn off notifications on your computer and your phone to help you stay focused.

  • Plug in. Make sure your laptop is plugged in, if you’re using one, so you don’t lose power.

  • Keep a pen and paper handy. You may want to take some notes during your interview.

  • Reach out. If you’ve got a problem or question, or if you need a specific accommodation, reach out to your Recruiting Coordinator or Recruiter. They’re here to help.

During Your Interview

  • If your interviewer can’t hear you, check to see if you’re muted on Google Meet. If that’s not it, try joining using your phone. Hang up (using the red downward facing phone icon on the bottom of your screen) and click “join and use a phone for audio.” If you choose this option, be sure to mute your computer mic in case of feedback or echoing.

  • If your browser is lagging, try joining the call in Chrome’s incognito mode. Copy the meeting URL, Leave the call, then paste it into the incognito window.

  • If you’re having issues that we haven’t addressed here, reach out to your Recruiting Coordinator. They’ll either help with an immediate fix, or reschedule your interview for you.

We hope your interview process is smooth—maybe fun, even?