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Career Trajectories: April Powell

Introduce yourself. How long have you been working at Cash App? What team are you currently part of?

I’m April Powell, I’m the Site Lead for Cash App Customer Operations in St. Louis.

I started with Cash App in April of 2019 as a Senior Customer Success Manager, putting together projects to develop our culture, mission, and values. It was really rewarding, so much fun, and we scaled enormously!

How did you end up doing what you do?

I’ve done pretty much everything! I started my career as an entrepreneur when I was 15. I’ve always loved entrepreneurship. Years later, I started my own social media consulting firm, before I got tired of being by myself. I love to work with other people.

Food is my passion, and for six years I worked for a boutique food service company. But I wanted to lead leaders and be with a company that had a different mission, and was really committed to the mission. When I came across the role at Square, I thought that it was going to like just any other application and that no one was gonna call. Luckily, I got a call the next Monday!

What’s important to you in building culture at Customer Operations?

As we scale really rapidly, Customer Operations in particular, there are so many people who are coming into our ecosystem with an understanding of what our product is, but not really an understanding of our culture.

There’s so much opportunity for us to capture our identity and help people understand that, while we’re all still Squares, we’re very much Cash App, and there’s a lot of uniqueness that comes with that.

One of our main goals is to make Cash App a place where you can - and want to! - spend your entire career. How do you see this happening?

For most people, growth and development happens at a really gradual pace. Here it happens really fast! Six months is a long time for us.

A lot of people are surprised that they can grow quickly and meaningfully. Our growth has really helped people realize a lot of their career goals that they didn’t think they were going to be able to achieve anywhere else or, at least, not in the next 10 years. It's outstanding, so empowering to see!

How do you envision your future at Cash App?

There’s so much that it can be! I really don’t know, and that’s actually the most exciting thing.

I’m interested in how we’re expanding into other countries. Being in different countries is something that really excites me.