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A New Grad @ Cash App: Kevin Tabouguia

Why did you choose to start your career at Cash App?

I developed an interest in the financial services industry early in my post-secondary schooling. I was fascinated by the impact that digital payments have on the way people operate in our time. As I come from a developing nation, some of the subtle benefits were much more obvious to me. After interning at Square for a summer, I realized that joining the company would be a perfect opportunity to contribute while learning and growing in this quickly evolving industry.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Cash App so far?

“Trust and guidance” is how I would describe my experience at Cash App so far. I was amazed by how much opportunity I was given, even as a new member, to contribute in ways that I wouldn’t have imagined.. Working with a team of people who are passionate about our mission, while driving and celebrating every milestone along the way, has been extremely fulfilling.

What about your Cash App experience has been the most beneficial to your learning or career development?

I think the most important benefit of working at Square and Cash App, for early professionals, is the culture of transparency and collaboration. Information and people are so easy to access and work with, even in the remote-first world we’ve lived in since the start of the pandemic.

How would you describe the projects you’ve been working on?

Most recently, I’ve contributed to a brand new payments service that’s being developed to support a project redefining what retail payments mean for Cash App users. More generally, as a product server engineer, I’ve worked on a variety of projects around building new customer-facing features, service maintenance, developer experience improvement. and building operations tooling around some of our services.

How do you envision your future, having worked at Cash App?

I’m still very early in my career, but I hope to continue working on impactful projects that will drive innovation in the financial services industry and solve social challenges around people’s interactions with money, including in developing nations where the impact on many lives can be substantial.