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Impact & Career Development: Marquia Walton

Introduce yourself. How long have you been working at Cash App? What team are you currently part of?

My name is Marquia. I work on the Brand and Marketing team, and I started in September of 2020.

I’m a Creative Production Lead helping the Business team with ads, as well as the Cash Apparel team.

Tell us a bit about why you decided to join Cash App.

I was looking for brands within which I could have a lot more creative freedom, and be more involved in campaign and brand work.

What does your life at Cash App look like?

Cash App is very special in the sense that my lead is here to support me, making sure that I’m not blocked in what I need to do, and not micromanaging what I do. I never feel like I can’t talk to my lead; even during busy times, my lead is always there to talk. That symbiosis doesn’t exist in a lot of workplaces. I feel like I can create my own course here, and I have my lead to help me with the map.

There’s also this great collaborative and team environment, where everybody is here to help each other launch successful projects. We’re all in this together.

What are the most impressive parts of Cash App so far?

From the Marketing perspective, I think we have something very unique, especially in the fintech space. And, of course, the product itself.

In addition to that, when I was being interviewed, the recruiter made clear that there’s no boxes here when it comes to career development. This holistic approach allows everyone here to work on things that we’re really passionate about.

What kind of impact do you want to have, not just for Cash App, but for people outside of Cash App too?

Working here has changed the way I look at financial empowerment. As a Black woman in my early 30s, this has opened my eyes even more to the importance of financial inclusion, and the different avenues in which it can be achieved.

Something I’ve been trying to do is to get more involved with my younger siblings and cousins, for example, by having more conversations about fiscal responsibility and financial inclusion. It is important to have more of these conversations, and earlier on, within the Black community.

Before working here, I never thought about how I could get into bitcoin. These are things that I’m going to take with me, thinking about the long term. It’s great to think about how many things I've learned here so far that I can pass along to other people.

Do you believe that the culture at Cash App helps people to be their authentic selves? Why?

I think it is commonplace, especially for a lot of marginalized groups, to adapt the way they behave or speak at work, and some years ago I decided I was not doing this anymore. The reason I’m here is because I offer a different perspective than other people. At Cash App, being just the way you are is celebrated as a good thing.