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Bitcoin Pricing

Posted: October 20, 2023

Bitcoin Exchange Fees

Cash App may charge a small fee when you buy or sell bitcoin. If so, the fee will be listed on the trade confirmation screen before you complete the transaction

Total Exchange Amount
Percentage Fee
$0 - $9.99
$10 - $100 2.25%
$100.01 - $200 2%
$200.01 - $1000 1.75%
$1000.01 - $2000
$2000.01 - $3000
$3000.01 - $5000
>$5,000.01 0.75%

Cash App may also include a spread on the exchange rate we use to price bitcoin buys and sells on our platform. Depending on market conditions, the spread we apply to our exchange rate may be anywhere between 0% and 1%.

At Cash App, we offer bitcoin liquidity to you by transacting with multiple vetted third parties. We may make use of an exchange rate spread over and above mid-market pricing in order to reduce price volatility and maintain our service.

A spread is not applied to the exchange rate for Paid in Bitcoin orders or other order types like auto invest, roundups and custom orders (when you set up your account to buy bitcoin at a certain price).

To learn more about how we buy and sell bitcoin, check out our help center article on A Look Into Cash App’s Bitcoin Operations.

Bitcoin Withdrawal Fees

When you withdraw bitcoin from Cash App to a different wallet, you are able to choose a speed of Standard, Rush, or Priority.

Withdrawal fees are calculated at the time an order is placed and are based on the speed of the transfer you select. These fees are:

  • Priority - 10 minutes or less: Pro Rata + an additional fee of up to $3
  • Rush - 2 hours or less: Pro Rata + an additional fee of up to $2
  • Standard - usually 24 hours or less: Free

If Cash App charges a fee, it will be listed on the withdrawal confirmation screen before you complete the transaction.

Note: Pro rata fees for priority and rush speeds are calculated by your share of network transaction fees and may fluctuate. A network transaction fee is an obligatory payment you make to miners for adding your bitcoin transfer and its associated data to the blockchain. Your exact network transaction fee is calculated by 2 variables: your chosen withdrawal speed and by blockchain congestion. This fee can increase or decrease depending on the amount of people trying to transfer their bitcoin (blockchain congestion) at the time of your transaction, and it can increase if you choose a faster withdrawal speed.

Bitcoin trading is offered by Block, Inc. For additional information, see the Bitcoin disclosures.

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