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Bitcoin Conversions & Cash App

Square Sellers have the option to automatically convert a percentage of their sales proceeds into bitcoin. You can manage your bitcoin conversions using Cash App.

If you need support and your question is related to your Square account, enabling or disabling the feature, your conversion percentage, please reach out to Square’s customer support team.

Managing your converted bitcoin

Converted bitcoin will be deposited to your personal Cash App account. Once the bitcoin is deposited, you can use any of Cash App’s bitcoin features.

To learn more about managing your bitcoin on Cash App, visit our bitcoin help center.

Fees & Limits

Converting your sales into bitcoin will incur a fee of 1% of the amount transferred. The fee will be taken at the time the conversion is made.

Note: Certain Cash App accounts cannot be linked to a Square Seller account, including:

  • New York residents
  • Cash for Business accounts
  • Sponsored accounts
  • Accounts with unverified identities

Bitcoin trading is offered by Block, Inc. For additional information, see the Bitcoin disclosures.

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