Anyone between the ages of 13 and 18 can get access to expanded Cash App features in the US (including P2P transactions, Cash Card, Direct Deposit, and Boost) with approval from a parent or guardian.

Once the parent or guardian approves the request, they are the legal owner of the 13-17 year old’s account. The customer 13+ is considered an authorized user for the account. The parent or guardian can track activity in monthly statements and close/pause accounts at any time by contacting support.

[For Teens] Requesting an Authorized Account

Once signed up for Cash App, anyone 13+ can initiate the account authorization request flow by taking one of the following actions:
  • Requesting a Cash Card
  • Sending a P2P payment from their stored balance
  • Add Cash to their balance

Any of these actions will prompt the user for more details about their identity. Once we’ve detected an age between 13-17, we’ll prompt the user to share a parent or legal guardian’s name, phone number, email address or Cashtag for approval. Cash App then reaches out to the provided contact for approval.

[For Parents or Guardians] Accepting an Account Authorization Request

Once a teen has sent a request, their parent or guardian will need to confirm the request from their Cash App account. Parents / guardians are the legal owners of their teen’s account and must have a verified Cash App account and already have a Cash Card. Once parents approve the request, the teen’s Cash Card will arrive within 2 weeks.

To approve a request:

  1. Tap the Activity icon on your Cash App home screen
  2. On Request for Approval, tap View
  3. Review the terms and conditions and tap Approve

Available Features and Limits

Once approved by a parent or guardian, anyone 13+ will have access to the following features:

The following features are only available to those who are 18+:

Authorized User Statements

As the owner of the account, the parent or guardian can review the monthly statements from the authorized user’s account. To do so:

  1. Log into on a desktop computer
  2. From the Activity page, click Statements and choose the month
  3. Scroll down to the Authorized Accounts section

Account owners can also reach out to support to disable the authorized account’s Cash Card, or terminate their Cash Card and Direct Deposit.

Merchant Restrictions

  • Authorized users will not be able to make Cash Card transactions at the following merchant types:
  • Bars, cocktail lounges, discotheques, nightclubs and tavern-drinking places (alcoholic beverages)
  • Package stores - beer, wine and liquor
  • Cigar stores and stands
  • Lodging - hotels, motels, resorts
  • Dating services
  • Government-owned lottery
  • Government-licensed casinos (online or internet gambling), horse/dog racing
  • Bail and bond payments
  • Car rental

Disputes and Authorized Users

If the authorized user needs to dispute a payment or transaction, either the authorized user or the account owner can reach out to support and open a dispute claim. To learn more about how to open a dispute check here.

Check out our Cash App13+ Website to learn more!