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What is $Cashtag on File?

Cash App customers can complete purchases with $cashtag on file by either adding their $cashtag through a merchant’s website settings, or by linking and storing their Cash App account details when making an online purchase.

$Cashtag on File allows Cash App customers to securely store their $cashtag to select online businesses to easily complete purchases with Cash App Pay.

How to Complete an Online Purchase using Cash App Pay

  1. Add Cash App as your payment method during checkout
  2. For mobile, you’ll be redirected to Cash App from the merchant’s checkout. For desktop, scan the QR code on the merchant’s website.
  3. Follow the prompts
  4. Use stored $cashtag when making future purchases

How to View and Manage $Cashtag on File Linked Businesses

  1. Tap the Profile Icon on your Cash App home screen
  2. Select ‘Businesses’
  3. Tap the business you would like to remove
  4. Tap 'Remove Business'
  5. Follow the prompts

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