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Sponsored Accounts Turning 18


When someone you sponsor turns 18, they have the option to verify their identity in-app and get full access to Cash App features as an individual account.

After successfully verifying their identity, the sponsorship connection between the sponsor and the former sponsored account will be canceled, and the sponsored account becomes the owner of their own individual account, including any Cash Balance, bitcoin, or Stock previously held in the sponsored account.

Get Started

Cash App sends a notification to the sponsored person on their 18th birthday that they are eligible to begin this process.

To get started:

  1. Tap the Profile icon (top-right on your home screen)
  2. Select Family
  3. Tap Get Started on Use Cash App without a Sponsor
  4. Review the information on the next screen, and tap Continue

Next, they will need to verify their identity. In order to complete account verification, they will be asked to provide their full legal name, birth date, and SSN.


If you do not pass identity verification in-app, you can try again at any time. The option to retry verification can be found in the Family section of Cash App under Profile.

In the meantime, the sponsorship will still be active, and the sponsored account will have the same features and limits. If you would like to manually cancel your sponsorship, the sponsor will reach out to Support.

Impact to Sponsors

After a formerly sponsored person verifies successfully, the sponsorship is canceled. Sponsors will no longer have access to visibility and controls for that account.

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