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Custom Orders

Custom Bitcoin Orders allow you to automatically buy or sell Bitcoin at your selected price if it hits your selected price. For example - if Bitcoin is trading at $40,000 but you think it is too expensive, you can set up a Custom Purchase Order to buy if the price drops to $30,000.

Bitcoin Custom Order Bitcoin Custom Order

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How to setup a Custom Bitcoin Order

  1. Tap the Investing tab on your Cash App home screen
  2. Select Bitcoin
  3. Select Buy or Sell
  4. Tap the dropdown menu and choose Custom Purchase Order or Custom Sell Order
  5. Drag the slider to the price at which you would like to Buy or Sell Bitcoin and press “Set”. Alternatively - you can press the keypad icon in the top right corner and enter a Bitcoin price manually before pressing “Next”
  6. Select the dollar amount you would like to buy or sell
  7. Select the time period for this order to stay active before it expires
  8. Review the order details and press Confirm to place your Custom Order

Common use cases for Custom Orders

  • Buy the Dip: Set a buy price below the current price to try to buy Bitcoin if its price dips
  • Capture Gains: Set a sell price above the current price to try to capture gains if the price rises
  • Limit Losses: Set a sell price below the current price to try to limit losses if the price drops
  • Buy the Rally: Set a buy price above the current price to try to buy Bitcoin if its price starts to increase

How to cancel a Custom Order

  1. Navigate to the Activity tab
  2. Identify the relevant Custom Order from the list
  3. Press the cancel button
  4. Confirm the cancellation

Important things to note

Custom Bitcoin Orders will execute at the price you set if your selected price is reached (i.e. when Bitcoin trades at or through the price selected).

Funds for Custom Purchase Orders will be pulled from your Cash App Balance at the time the order is placed. If your Custom Purchase Order is canceled or expires, the funds will be returned to your Cash App balance.

Under certain circumstances, we may need to cancel your outstanding custom orders at any time if necessary with respect to fraud or risk factors, or as otherwise needed as determined at our sole discretion. Cash App does not provide investment advice. Trading in bitcoin has risks and you may lose money.


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