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Auto Invest

Auto Invest allows you to set up Bitcoin purchases that occur automatically on a set schedule. For example you could use it to buy $20 of Bitcoin every two weeks.

Auto Invest

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How To Schedule an Auto Invest:

  1. Select the Bitcoin Investing Screen and tap Buy
  2. Tap the drop down menu where it says “Change Order Type"
  3. Select a frequency - daily, weekly, and every two weeks, and tap “Done”
  4. Select a preset amount or tap “…” and enter a custom amount, then press “Next” Note: There is a $10 minimum for Auto Invest purchases
  5. Tap Confirm to schedule your automatic purchase

Common use cases for Auto Invest

  • You want to put a portion of your paycheck into Bitcoin on a consistent basis
  • You want to spread out your buys of Bitcoin to reduce the impact of a single day’s price on your average entry price
  • You want to gradually accumulate a larger amount of Bitcoin without having to remind yourself on a daily or weekly basis to place the order

How To Cancel an Auto Invest:

  1. Navigate to the Bitcoin investing screen
  2. Scroll down to see your active Auto Invest purchase
  3. Tap on the purchase
  4. Press the “Cancel” button
  5. Confirm the cancellation


Auto Invest is not a price guarantee. Bitcoin may, and often does, change price between scheduled trades.


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