Learn more about Cash for Business tax reporting and the Form 1099-K.

The following information contained in these Help Center articles are a support guide and do not constitute tax advice. If you require tax advice, please contact a tax professional or CPA. Cash App cannot provide you with specific tax advice.

B-Notices from Cash App

The IRS requires Cash App to send B-Notice letters when the taxpayer information on your tax forms doesn't match.

Tax Reporting for Cash App and Form 1099-K FAQs

FAQs on 1099-K Tax Reporting, $600 threshold for 2022 tax year, and Cash App for Business accounts

Form 1099-K Reporting

Cash for Business tax reporting requirements.

Update Cash for Business Taxpayer Information

Cash for Business users can update their taxpayer information in-app and online.

Personal and Business Use Tax Reporting

Only use your Cash for Business account for the sale of goods and services and not personal payments to friends and family.