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How to Add a Beneficiary to Your Investing Account

If you have a Cash App Investing account you are able to add a beneficiary to your investing account.

A beneficiary is someone who assumes ownership of the assets held in the investing account upon the death of the Account Owner.

For example: If you named your spouse as the sole beneficiary of your investments, they would receive all your stocks when you pass away.

To add a beneficiary to your Cash App Investing account, please reach out to Cash App Support through the app or at


  • You are able to add multiple beneficiaries and identify the particular allocation for each beneficiary
  • Beneficiaries added are ONLY considered the beneficiary to your Cash App Investing account. It is NOT a beneficiary for your general Cash App account.

For more information on trusted Contacts for your investing account, read our article: How to Add a trusted Contact to your Investing Account

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