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What kind of entry-level roles are available at Cash App?

We have entry-level and internship roles available across many teams at Cash App. Openings are posted on our career page as they become available, so keep an eye out! Our university recruiting program hires new and recent graduates of colleges and bootcamps for both internships and full time roles in software engineering, design, data science, and business.

Who is eligible for internships?

We welcome an inclusive mix of students and recent graduates pursuing a degree in computer science, electrical engineering, math, graphic design, interactive design or related technical and creative disciplines, as well as people completing bootcamps and technical or creative training programs.

Are bootcamp and coding program graduates considered for internships and new graduate positions?

Yes! As long as it has been no more than 12 months since you completed the program, you are eligible for an internship or a full-time-new grad position. The requirements are listed in each role’s job description.

Are Internships and Early Career roles remote or in person?

Cash App has been a distributed team since day one. All of our roles are open to remote work, or you can work from any of our beautiful offices in SF, NYC, Portland, Atlanta, St. Louis, Philadelphia, SLC, Charlotte, Kitchener-Waterloo or Toronto.

What else should I consider when applying?

For software engineering roles, we require an objective skills-based assessment as part of the application process. The link to the assessment is in the application.  For Design and Creative roles, make sure you share a link to your portfolio!

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