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A new way to gift just landed

Cash App now has digital, instantly-sendable gift cards for all kinds of stores, businesses, and brands. Just pick a merchant, a dollar amount, and a recipient, and let the joy begin.

Everything in one card

Sending a gift card links its value to the recipient’s Cash App Card, so it spends automatically when they shop. That means there’s no extra cards to manage or balances to track.

Whoever, wherever

Send a gift card to anyone in your community with only a $cashtag, phone number, or email address. Whether they’re across the country or just in the next room, your gift will reach them instantly.

Choose widely, gift precisely

Your search for the perfect gift starts and ends inside Cash App. You can browse a wide range of top merchants across food, travel, entertainment, and shopping right in the app, and send a gift card as soon as you’ve made your selection.

Gift what you can

Unlike hard plastic, Cash App gift cards are flexible. You can send one for as little as $1 with no fees, and they can be converted to cash when the balance drops below $10, so no gift goes wasted.