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Learn how to avoid common scams and keep your money safe

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Scams can happen to anyone

Scammers steal millions of people’s money and personal info every year. We help you know what to do if you spot a scam.

Identifying online scams

Scams happen on social media, text messages, and all types of apps. Keep yourself safe by knowing how to spot red flags that could be the start of a scam.

Avoiding common scams

From catfishing scams to giveaways that sound too good to be true, get to know some of the most common online scams so you can spot them right away.

Recovering from scams

Scams happen to people of all ages. If you get scammed, learn what to do and how to prevent scams from happening again.

Stay safe on Cash App

We’re here to protect you and your money.

Only pay people you trust

Before sending anyone money, make sure you know them. If a scammer gets your money, they’ll disappear with it.

Make sure it’s Cash App

Check if social media posts come from Cash App’s verified accounts. Ignore any suspicious emails, texts, or links.

Turn on Security Lock

Protect your account by requiring your face, fingerprint, or PIN to move money and unlock the app.

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