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Learn how to avoid common scams and keep your money safe

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Take these steps to keep your money safe and stop scammers.

Only pay people you know and trust.

Once you pay a scammer, they’ll disappear with your money. Always make sure you know and trust the person you are paying.

Make sure it’s really Cash App.

Official Cash App social channels include @cashapp, @cashsupport, @squarecash, and u/CashAppAndi. Emails are @cash.app, @square.com, or @squareup.com. Websites always end with cash.app, block.xyz, square.com, or squareup.com.

Turn on Cash App Security Lock.

You can turn on Security Lock in Cash App under your profile’s security settings. This helps protect your account by requiring Face ID, Touch ID, or a PIN to access your account.

Watch out for these scams

Scammers make false promises to take your money or personal info. Here are some scams that are trending now:

Cash flip

With this investment scam, scammers on social media promise that if you send them money, they can double it (or more). After you pay them, they block you and keep the cash.

App glitch

With this scam, scammers tell you there’s a software glitch and promise free cash if you download a different version of Cash App from a random website. When you log in, they steal your account info and take your money.

Customer support impersonators

With this scam, the scammer pretends to be from the Cash App customer support team to steal your personal info. Check the details: they usually don’t match Cash App’s official phone number, website, or accounts.

Fake giveaways

Scammers will post fake giveaways on social media pretending to be from Cash App. Cash App will never ask for money or your login info to participate in giveaways.

Survey scams

This scam offers payment to take a fake Cash App survey. The survey tricks you into buying random products and services to earn the reward. Cash App will never require payment—or personal login info—to take a survey.

Learn how to identify scams

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Don't fall for a cash flip scam
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customer service scam video screenshot

Don't fall for customer service scams
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giveaway scam video screenshot

Don't fall for giveaway scams
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